Vancouver, B.C., Day Two

Thursday, August 29

On Thursday, we explored Vancouver. We started with breakfast at The Templeton, a cool vintage diner serving locally-sourced foods and lots of vegetarian options.

The Templeton

The Templeton Exterior

The Templeton Interior

The Templeton Interior

I had the Farmer’s Breakfast with eggs, veggies and rosemary potatoes. Jim had the Denver Omelet. Yum.

We looked at the map when we finished and decided to walk across the bridge to Granville Island Public Market, a great collection of shops selling produce, chocolate, bread, pastries, flowers and cheese as well as clothing, handbags and art.

Four Season Farm

Colorful produce from Four Season Farm

Terra Breads sold us some delicious sourdough and pain au chocolate!

Delicious breads and pastries at Terra Breads.

Sherazad Jamal, owner of Free Lion Productions, makes lovely bags and journals from repurposed leather and vegan leather. There were lots of finished bags displayed at her booth in the Market as well as several bags-in-process. I found a set of green and black vegan leather panels embroidered with the Golden Spiral. Sherazad was kind enough to alter the size a bit to fit my needs. She sewed the bag up while we finished our shopping. I love my new bag and it’s just the the right size!

Sherazad and my fabulous bag!

Sherazad and my fabulous bag!

I also bought a print by Olga Sugden of Golden Egg Studios. Her husband was manning the booth and said this little cowpoke was painted during the Calgary Stampede.

Calgary Rabbit

Calgary Rabbit by Olga Sugden

The weather, cloudy and cool on our morning walk, had deteriorated while we shopping. We decided to take the Aquabus back across the water.

Aquabus, the charming little water taxis

Aquabus, charming little water taxis

We walked the rest of the way back to the hotel to dry off and rest a bit before dinner. Vancouver has a large Asian population so we thought we’d try something different. The Malaysian restaurant Banana Leaf was only a few blocks from our hotel and turned out to be a great choice. We got their just as they were opening and it filled up quickly after that – always a good sign for a restaurant.

I had a Green Asian Salad, Tofu Goreng and a Mai Tai:

Green Asian Salad Tofu Goreng

Jim had Gulai Seafood and Roti Canai.

Gulai Seafood Roti Canai

I’d give them four stars since they only had a few vegetarian options. I was sorry there wasn’t more to try since everything was so good! Jim said he’d go five stars from the meat-eater’s perspective.

We went back to the hotel for an early night since we’d be driving home the next day. We ended up staying up for a couple of hours watching a spectacular storm. The rain started coming down heavily and we started seeing regular flashes in the distance behind the buildings. We first though it was a lighthouse since it was so regular. Then it started coming more frequently and we realized it was lightning when we heard the thunder. It was pretty cool to see the high-rise apartment buildings backlit with bright flashes. I shot a short video you can see here. The thunder doesn’t come for several seconds after the flash so that should mean the storm is several miles away but seeing the rain and the wind, it sure felt like we were right in the middle of it!

Tomorrow – Vancouver, Day Three – Shopping and a long drive home.

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3 thoughts on “Vancouver, B.C., Day Two

  1. Barbara

    Have never heard of vegan leather. Is it made of cabbage leaves? : )
    These pictures are just great. Riding on the colorful little water taxi must have been a kick and I loved the picture of the Calgary cowboy. No wonder the Calgary Stampede is such a big event!

  2. Anonymous

    LOVE the bunny. WTH is vegan leather?? Cool bag. Food looks outstanding from my omnivore perspective. Lovely to look upon as well as consume.


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