SLWS Special Edition – The Colored Doors of Paris

I had a single line in my photography notes “Paris, colored doors”. I still don’t remember where I’d gotten the idea or where I’d find them. Once I started looking, though, they were everywhere. The bright colors were a nice counterpoint to the muted colors of stone and plaster of the walls. (Click on each photos to see a larger version.)

This green door was near Le Village Saint-Paul.

Colored Door - Village Saint-Paul

I wish I’d taken better notes. I don’t recall where this one was – my best guess is somewhere in the 6th Arrondissement – but I loved the arch and the olive green.

Colored Door - Olive

Not really colored but I liked that they were very upfront about it being Number 13. (I’m not sure why the address to the left is Number 13, too.)

Colored Door - No 13

These blue ones opened onto a courtyard.

Colored Door - Light Blue

These were one of my favorite pairs. According to this blog, it is the Hotel Gouthière on Rue Pierre-Bullet and was built in the eighteenth century for a metal worker named Pierre Gouthière.

Colored Door - Blue Caduceus

I’m not sure when the caduceus was added since it isn’t associated with the metal working profession but it looks cool despite the graffiti.

Colored Door - Blue Caduceus Detail

Most of the doors and gates had metal fixtures at each corner – perhaps to keep them from opening the wrong way? It could be hazardous strolling down the sidewalk with those heavy doors flying open.

Colored Door - Arched Teal

Another Number 13. Maybe the French don’t have the same fear of the number like Americans?

Colored Door - Arched Red No 13

This is my favorite shade of green.

Colored Door - Arched Light Green

This was taken on the day we walked up the Champs-Élysées so it’s probably somewhere in the 8th Arrondissement. I’m hoping to get some sort of GPS attachment for my camera to make it easier to track down locations when I forget to take notes.

Colored Door - Arched Dark Teal

This is the MIJE-Fourcy Hostel, at 6, Rue de Fourcy.

Colored Door - Arched Blue

The Society for the History of French Protestantism, 54, Rue des Saint-Peres.

Colored Door - Arched Blue 1

Our very own lovely red door at our apartment, 23, Rue Guénégaud.

Our Paris Apartment - 23 Rue Guenegaud

This imposing black door,

Tower Room - Colored Door - Black with Stripes

had an interesting door knocker.

Door Knocker - Man Woman

We found other interesting hardware like a lion and two snakes,

Door Knocker - Lion Snake

Two cherubs,

Door Knocker - Cherubs

And bright decorative brass.

Door Knocker - Brass

The hardware on this door of Notre Dame,

Tower Room - Colored Door - Notre Dame

 is supposed to be a sanctuary ring.

Tower Room - Colored Door - Notre Dame Detail

Allegedly a person seeking asylum would have to grab hold of this ring in order to receive sanctuary from the Church. I only found vague references to this online but it’s a good story even if it’s not true.


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